Kapikys second litter was the first birthed at our house.  We knew Kapiky was close but she wasn't acting like she was in any sort of labor while just hanging out with the kids and mom on the couch watching tv.  She started squirming for a few moments and the girlfriend of our oldest jumped up seeing a new pup on our couch.  We weren't quite expecting it but we gained composure and became efficient...the kids and their previous experience with the pups definitely helped.   We assisted Kapiky to a dog bed to be comfortable with the rest of the births and 2 hour later she was done.  Unfortunately she lost one pup during birth but had five very strong offspring; 2 males and 3 females.  Our twin boy gave them all Malagasy names as they were birthed and their weight recorded.  Most choose not to keep their Malagasy name but it's fun for him and just a way for us to keep track of them until they find their homes.

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