About Us

Treasure Valley Malagasy Cotons is the kennel name for Adriane and Steves periodic breeding of Kapiky; a wonderful black and white female Coton from rare lines out of Madagascar.  As breeders of the Coton de Tulear, what we strive for is what is in the best interest of our dogs, and the human part of the family.  They are very much a part of our family and their health and happiness is of our utmost concern, but of course it needs to be a fit for everyone including mom and dad and the kids with their busy schedules.  If we feel we can’t do it right at a particular time, with the time necessary to culture the pups, or see that Kapiky may just not be ready during a particular heat cycle, we’ll forgo and wait.  Much of what we have learned of Cotons, their history, and frankly how to breed, is knowledge acquired in our family for 20+ years.  We believe in the wisdom of the importance in maintaining integrity and following guidelines set forth by the mCTCA which we strictly adhere to; more info on those guidelines are in our philosophy of breeding section.

Adriane and Steve have four children with one boy now in college, one boy in high school, and boy/girl twins that will be starting high school in the Fall of 2020.  All four are very active in helping… especially when there are pups on board.  In the summer of 2016 we did acquire Wookie, a sweet natured and great looking black and white Coton, with the intention of using him as a stud for Kapiky.  They did successfully mate which produced Kapikys second litter.  We were very happy with the pups and have used him as a stud since.  Time permitting, we will more than likely mate them again.  More importantly, Wookie and Kapiky get along great though it appears sometimes Kapikys “mom” instincts come out with him where she likes to correct him…they love to rough house.  We have decided to keep a female, Kintana, from the last breeding of Kapiky in 2019 with Ren, of Blue Mountain Cotons.  She is, personality-wise, quite a bit like Kapiky in being very outgoing.  Kintana is also heavily black with loving touches of white, and while we have not decided if she will be paired at this time, we’re thinking the pups produced would be as enjoyable as always.  We do enjoy the breed and the folks we have met through being active in the Coton community but the time involved can be intense because we take it seriously.

Our Breeding Philosophy

As mentioned, we strictly adhere to the mCTCA code of ethics and guidelines for breeding Madagascar Coton de Tulears. We completely agree with the stance of not involving ourselves or our Cotons with the AKC and strive to keep the breed to it’s original Madagascar origins. Frankly, we feel it is unfortunate that some felt the desire to go the AKC route where it seems the main interest in doing so is how to produce a Bishon out of Cotons. As well, the standard set forth by the mCTCA is quite open enough to welcome the different variants(colors, sizes, etc.) that the original Cotons exhibit which allows for greater genetic variability and ultimately health of the breed. In short, and we’ve experienced this first hand with other breeds, some standards set forth by the AKC and others limit genetic diversity which leads to inbreeding and poor breed health. That said, please check out the mCTCA website if you have not done so already for invaluable information from the folks who first introduced the breed to America.

Our current focus is on the black and white variant of Cotons though we can occasionally have tri-colored pups available or white.  All of our Cotons carry the genetic traits to produce any of the 3 color varieties.  As well, since these are Madagascar Cotons, we will occasionally throw a “tall” variant.  Though we don’t strive for “talls,” it is inevitable though rare, that with Madagascar lines one can be produced.  Talls have all the same unique qualities of a Coton save they are not necessarily larger, but with longer limbs.  Typically, females have two heat cycles per year and we will normally skip at least one of those cycles, but that is not set in stone… Kapiky, for example, went ten months before she ‘cycled’ again after her second litter.  As we understand it, it is not necessarily harmful to the female to produce multiple litters per year, but skipping cycles does allow us as a family, (Kapiky as well), to just, well, be a family.

Treasure Valley Malagasy Cotons is very much a believer in puppy culture.  If you are not familiar with this concept, it is basically puppy introduction as soon as possible to sights, sounds, human interaction, etc. inherent to being part of a future family.  Though it is important during the first couple of weeks after birth that mom and pups have ample “alone” time to ensure the pups physical growth neurological stimulation at a young age helps ensure a happy and healthy dog.  We, with all of our pups, go through near daily “exercises” with them designed to peak their curiosity and overcome what could potentially be fearful to them… basically, there are so many new sights and sounds a young pup can be introduced to in it’s young life that we try and teach them to interact instead of shy away.  As well, and not unique to puppy culture, our 4 kids are instrumental in the socialization aspect.  Naturally, our children just want to play with the pups, and by the time they have found a new home the pups are use to and trust people.  It is always a sad time, especially for our youngest, when the pups go to their “forever” home, for they tend to develop bonds.  We as well encourage potential new pup owners to send us the crate they intend to use with perhaps a few items such as small blanket with your scent on it a couple of weeks before they are scheduled to go with you.  Though crate training is an ongoing aspect of Coton ownership after they leave our hands, we like, (well, the first night or two we may not like the howling so much), to initiate it so they are at least used to the crate.  Honestly, every puppy has a different personality and we don’t guarantee your pup won’t have a stressful night or two sleep in the crate when you first bring him/her home, but by starting the process in our home it is one less thing that is completely new.  When looking at potential new Coton owners, we have an application process.  We like to talk on the phone and then if we both agree, you can fill out the online application.  For those with local interest, we typically have no problem, time and schedule allowing, for you to meet us and more importantly mom and dad Coton.  As well, we never ship puppies or fly our pups unaccompanied to your destination.  We highly encourage you as an accepted buyer to come meet mom and dad Coton here in Idaho and travel back home with your pup, which is an excellent time to bond with your new puppy.