Breeder and Ambassador of the rare Madagascar Coton de Tulear

Welcome to our website.  We live in Meridian, Idaho, with our family of 4 wonderful children, 3 gorgeous Cotons, and a rescued bully/spaniel mix whose name is Piper.  Kapiky is a beautiful black and white, super adorable, Malagascar Coton de Tulear whose name means “peanut” in Malagasy.  She is one of the most playful and attentive dogs we have known.  She’s a great representation of the breed.  We introduced to the family a great black and white stud male, Wookie, who we have bred to Kapiky a couple of times and are super-impressed with the pups.  From Kapikys last breeding with Ren, of Blue Mountain Cotons, we did decide to keep an extroidinary female, Kintana.  Kintana is very much like her mom and are leaning towards a possible future breeding with her, but are as of yet still undecided.

We were introduced to the Malagascar Coton de Tulear, through the wonderful mCTCA, (Madagascar Coton de Tulear Club of America), and its awesome Code of Ethics via our family.  We have had Cotons in our extended family for nearly twenty years and have always loved them.  They are healthy with excellent temperaments and are great for people who have allergies.  They are devoted to their humans and love to do whatever the family is doing.  Cotons love to go for a walk or chill on the couch.  They do great with agility training as well.  After being diagnosed with breast cancer, and during my many months of chemo, Kapiky never left my side giving me support and love.  Our children are wonderful with the puppies, helping to socialize them with lots of sights, sounds, and experiences preparing them for their new forever families.  If you are interested in one of our Coton de Tulear puppies please call 208-629-9970 or contact us through this website.

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